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Company Name K.K. IRISU (C. ILLIES & CO., LTD.)
Address 〒141-0021
TokyoShinagawa-ku3-12-18 Kamiosaki
Irisu Building
Corporate Image
Description The history of K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) started 1859 in Dejima-Nagasaki. On the company's customer lists some famous names are to be found: Yukichi Fukuzawa who's portrait is desplayed on the 10,000 yen note - once bought dictionaries from the predecessor of K.K.IRISU, important feudal families of the late Edo period as well as Yataro Iwasaki (Founder of Mitsubishi Corp.). K.K.IRISU as the nucleus of the ILLIES GROUP has been providing cutting-edge technologies from overseas to Japan and was substantially involved in the country's modernization and monozukuri.

In 1898 the Headquarters were relocated to Hamburg, Germany. Today the ILLIES GROUP is still family owned and managed - by the fifth generation of Illies. As project and sales partner, the company links world - leading technology providers with the manufacturing industry in Asian markets with unchanging frontier spirit.

As an important member of the ILLIES Group, K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) supplies and services a wide-range of technologies related to printing and paper converting, automotive, aircraft and aerospace, food, rubber processing industries as well as quality assurance systems and technical materials.

K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) is specialized in introducing technically sophisticated capital goods and technologies to the Japanese market just like in complex project management for the local industrial customers in Japan.
Tagline ILLIES is your sales and project partner for the conception, implementation, and after-sales support of machinery, equipment, and complex processing systems for manufacturing industries in Asian markets.
Founding notes 1859
Capital notes 30,000,000 JPY
Business Description As an experienced sales partner, K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) enables you to enter into Japanese market. Sophisticated capital goods require competent and reliable consultancy and efficient after-sales support. At the same time, the highly competitive Japanese market demands profound market knowledge and effective local presence.

As a sales partner K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) provides you with these essential capabilities. Together with a dependable portfolio of well-known partners and suppliers, we offer you a complete range of services focused on comprehensive marketing and project management, aimed at industries that are growing sustainably.

As your team partner K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) adapts to your specific requirements and guarantees success through a synthesis of market knowledge, extensive experience, commitment and regional branches.
Number of employees 56 (Tokyo 42, Osaka 14), Global Total: 300
Revenue 420,000,000 EUR
Phone no 03-3443-4114
FAX 03-3443-7511
Company Site http://www.irisu.jp/en/

Company Inquiry

Department Name 3D Solutions Department
Address 〒141-0021
TokyoShinagawa-ku3-12-18 Kamiosaki
Irisu Building
Phone no 03-3443-4111
FAX 03-3443-4118
Contact name Takako Sugimoto
Contact email japan-3d@illies.de

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